CO2 the Board Game

Many years ago, I loved the idea of a board game in which players were on the one hand collaboratively building the rules of the game and on the other hand playing directly. What better way to represent the ways in which energy suppliers at the same time lobby to create the regulatory environment in which they operate while at the same time trying to create profits!

I sketched out the basis of a game where players collect political influence (trading to collect sets of political representatives) and invest in energy technologies and plants. For example, you might have one firm lobbying to increase carbon tax while investing in renewables while another lobbies for coal subsidies while buying up coal mines. The players would all lose if they let too much CO2 get produced, but provided they managed to collectively stabilise global emissions, the most profitable company would win.

The bare bones of the rules and a board are here. It’s definitely not ready to play, but at this point I think I probably won’t finish it and I’d love it if someone else chose to turn it into something awesome.

Rules (draft) for CO2 the game

Board for CO2 (draft) in PSD

Love Letter: The Three Musketeers

Love Letter is a fantastic game – I often describe it to people as the simplest fun game. It is easy to learn, you can play it anywhere, it fits in a pocket, it requires some attention but is easy to play while tired.

It also has a beautiful theme, which, when I first played it, seemed to demand recreation in the world of Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.

I have produced a set of cards for the game based on the books, and changed the wording of the cards to slightly improve play and atmosphere (instead of being knocked out of the round, players “despair” about their rejected advances for example).

Although printing the cards based on these pdfs is a massive hassle – they are provided here in case you are interested. (The hardest parts are getting sufficiently good cards and printing, as well as making sure the backs are fully indistinguishable.) I recommend you buy the game instead/in addition!

Download the cards, backs, and retemplated rules